Professional Dominatrix

Kink Coach Kendra Storm

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Home based in Harrisonburg, VA

Also Frequently travel PA, NJ, NY, DE, & MD.

Willing to travel anywhere for the right

subby and tribute of course!

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Name & Age

What city do you wish to session in?

What kind of session do you see in your mind when you think of being in my presence?

How do you want to feel during your time with me?

How do you want to feel after your time with me?

What physical state do you want to be in?

Finally for now... I wish to know what your hard limits are for play!

 Think and then send.

Yes this is your first homework assignment!

$100 rental play space per hour required at booking.

After I receive your email with the information I required then I will begin developing a plan for you to submit to be and have the opportunity to belong to me one day as your Mistress.

Mistress Kendra Storm

Tour Dates:

all first time sessions
begin online 
$50 for 30 minutes
Meet and Greet with Mistress

April 25 - 27 - Wilkes Barre, PA
April 27 - 28 - Exton, PA

May 26 - 27 - Orlando Florida
June 8 - 12 - Orlando Florida


Deposit and 72hr  minimum notice for all travel.


Make your requests

for your city!