Professional Dominatrix

Kink Coach Kendra Storm

20 years ago, I would have never imagined being Mistress Kendra Storm.  Studying to be a school teacher and living a completely vanilla life.  About 7 years into my teaching career, I found myself miserable and began to explore what I considered an underground life in BDSM.  I left behind my career in education and went on one hell of a journey around the country. I began to explore, study, learn and experience things that I never imagined I'd come to love. 

My fascination with Female Supremacy is how/why Mistress Kendra Storm was created inside me.  I am addicted to the Power Exchange of being a Dominant female and I adore the role my loyal submissives play in my life today!  My sensual teacher in me loves beginners and being able to share my knowledge with them and draw out their inner secrets.   The Powerful female (I like to refer to as "MY INNER BITCH" also loves to come out and play with those who can handle tougher love.  Let's find out what combination fits you best.

    Over the past few years, I have developed into a super kinky DOMINANT female who loves men who wish to serve her, worship her and completely surrender to her.  A submissive man at my feet waiting for instructions drives my Power side wild.  My mind is highly educated, my imagination has a tendency to run wild and my body is a work of art to be worshipped. 

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