Professional Dominatrix

Miss Kendra Storm

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Home based in Harrisonburg, VA

Also Frequently travel PA, NJ, NY, DE, & MD.

Willing to travel anywhere for the right

subby and tribute of course!

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Name & Age

What city do you wish to session in?

What kind of session do you see in your mind when you think of being in my presence?

How do you want to feel during your time with me?

How do you want to feel after your time with me?

What physical state do you want to be in?

Finally for now... I wish to know what your hard limits are for play!

 Think and then send.

Yes this is your first homework assignment!

After I receive your email with the information I required then I will begin developing a plan for you to submit to be and have the opportunity to belong to me one day as your Mistress.

Mistress Kendra Storm

Tour Dates:

During this time of Covid 

my rules have changed to keep both myself and my clients as safe as possible.

I am only seeing 2 clients per day at this time so prebooking is essential so that I can do extra preparations to ensure the safety of our time together.  

I am also asking that if you have any signs or symptoms or have been exposed to anyone with symptoms  that you please do not make an appointment with me at this time.  Health and safety should always come before play time.  

I recommend getting to know me online at this time and then we can decide where our path takes us if we connect.